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Hunteed is the AI-powered platform that manages all of your outsourced recruitments.
Our algorithms select the best recruitment agencies and you meet the most qualified applicants for your jobs.

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Our algorithms recommend your jobs to a selection of specialised recruitment firms that perfectly match your needs.

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Increase efficiency and performance

Save time

Automatically receive applications validated by our AI and qualified by partner recruitment firms.

No hire, no fee

Pay exclusively for successful hires

Save money

Pay only for successful hires, with a replacement warranty of up to 4 months.

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Access new clients and missions recommended by our AI, just for you.

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Get automatic tailored recommendations from Hunteed to present your applicants simply and quickly.

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Place your candidates and bill your fees to Hunteed. Payment is guaranteed and automatic.

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I really appreciate the interface as it is easy to find, easy to navigate and very functional.

Témoignage de Anas D.

Anas D.

Independent Recruitment Consultant, Freelance