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Hunteed's functionality has been developed based on the needs and feedback of the recruitment agencies and consultants that we regularly consult.

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Conditions of sale following the placement of a candidate by a recruitment consultant

Consultants with a candidate placed on Hunteed are invited to follow the following instructions in order for them to receive their fee on time.

  • Enter your billing information in My Account
  • Check the net amount of the Consultant fee excluding tax indicated in the job description, as well as the expected warranty period
  • Edit the invoice by indicating:
    • Hunteed's billing address, 20 BIS rue Louis Philippe 92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine for jobs in Europe except Switzerland, or Hunteed - Collonge-Bellerive branch, chemin de Sous-Caran 17B, 1222 Vésenaz SWITZERLAND for jobs in Switzerland
    • The name of the client, the position filled, the duration of the guarantee, the name of the recruited candidate and the starting date
    • The net amount of the Consultant fee
    • The structure bank account IBAN number
  • Load the invoice from your Invoices area accessible on the top left of the navigation bar. Your invoice can only be charged after the end of the candidate's guarantee period. For any questions, contact us at the following address

Attention, to be paid, the invoice must be issued by a structure that is duly registered with the tax authorities of your country of domicile.

Hunteed is responsible for billing the client, as well as recovering the amounts owed by the latter. The payment of the Recruitment Consultant's invoice is not based on the Hunteed's recovery of the amount from the client.

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