Frequently asked questions

For companies

3 options are available to you: Click on "Publish a Job", in the navigation bar and let us guide you by our form which will transform your Job Offer into a real "Job Offer brief" for the consultants.

Fill out the contact form and we will contact you so that you can formulate your needs with one of our experts, who will be in charge of assisting you in writing your assignment brief. Send an email directly, containing your job offer (link URL or PDF/ Word document) indicating the amount of the proposed gross annual salary for the position. One of our experts will come back to you with a complete "Job offer brief" proposal.

With your agreement, it will be automatically posted and sent to the Hunteed Recruitment Community. You will receive an invitation to access your job offer and the Hunteed services. Your registration will be deemed as an express agreement to the General Terms of Use.

You have the option to invite an employee or a colleague to a job offer at any time by indicating their email address after clicking on the "Invite" button. They will have the same access as you to the dashboard. They may also have the same actions (modify the job offer and change the status of the candidates).

The Hunteed Consultants community consists of professional recruiters (headhunters, recruitment officers, research managers, recruitment consultants grouped together in a company or not, etc...) as well as occasional recruiters (your network, an expert executive with a wide network, etc...).

By registering, they adhere to the Hunteed Code of Ethics and commit themselves to respect the Code of Conduct for the recruitment profession. They have the opportunity to introduce themselves and the name of the Consultant appears on each recommendation form.

Hunteed has the option of withdrawing access to any consultant who does not respect the rules of quality and good behaviour that belong to the Website.

Each application is accompanied by a precise and well-argued recommendation from the recruitment consultant. It is enriched with essential information for the company such as current salary or availability.

Hunteed validates the relevance of each application, as well as the recommendation form before it is sent to the company.

Recruitment Consultants only propose candidates with whom they have exchanged on the position, the jobs and the skills required.

They must draw up a recommendation sheet, assess the candidate's level of motivation, obtain their CV and monitor their experiences. Only telephone exchanges at minimum or first-hand contact will allow you to obtain such a level of information.

Finally, the consultant must obtain the candidate's authorisation to present them, in accordance with the recruitment profession's code of good practice.

The fee is due the day your firm agrees to sign a work contract with the selected candidate. No fees are charged beforehand. An invoice of the amount of the placement fee, excluding VAT, and including the VAT will be made available either on the website, or via email. Hunteed is responsible for paying the Recruitment Consultant.

If the candidate leaves the company on his or her own initiative or on the company's initiative within 30 days of taking up their duties, Hunteed undertakes to relaunch a recruitment campaign on the website at no additional cost.

You cannot apply directly in response to a job offer. Hunteed is a website that allows firms to receive qualified applications from recruitment consultants. On the other hand, you may join our network and become a Consultant yourself.

For consultants

Nothing could be simpler, all you have to do is register, subscribe to the code of ethics (automatic upon registration), recommend a first candidate and have them approved by Hunteed to be presented to the client company! You will have taken the first step to becoming a certified Hunteed Consultant.

The consultant fee displayed on each job brief on the website corresponds to the amount you may receive before tax if one of your candidates is recruited. Hunteed will invoice the firm, send you an invoice request and then pay you the consultant fee.

The Consultant Fee is due to the consultant from the time the recruited candidate has remained in office after the first 30 days of their duties, and if Hunteed has received the fees invoiced to the client.

To receive the Consultant Fee, the Consultant must:

  • have accepted the TOS at registration,
  • provided a RIB, a SIRET/ SIREN number and/or a VAT number, by filling in the fields in My Account/ Billing

If, as a Consultant, you do not have a SIREN number, you must declare yourself as a self-entrepreneur for the purpose of obtaining a SIREN number from the tax authority. You can find all the necessary information at the following address.

You may present yourself as an Independent Consultant, specifying your Freelance status on request. You must also fulfil your reporting obligations to the tax authorities.

You may track the progress of your candidates in real time at any time on your Consultant Dashboard. In addition, you will receive an email notification each time your candidates change their status. Finally, you may ask the employer directly about your candidate via instant internal messaging. The messaging service is available from each candidate card that you have posted.

When a candidate has been presented for a position, it is physically impossible to recommend them for the same assignment a second time. Our web service will not allow for this. Therefore, the submitted candidate will be awarded to the consultant that first recommended them on the website.

Absolutely not!

We ask companies to agree to declare to Hunteed any recruitment of a candidate presented via Hunteed within 12 months of first contact. Should a candidate presented by Hunteed be hired within 12 months of the first recommendation, the company agrees to pay the fees set out in the original advertisement, and Hunteed agrees to pay the consultant their premium.

We encourage you to offer the same candidate on multiple assignments, if you think it is relevant.

You can not apply directly to a job post. Hunteed is a site that allows companies to receive qualified applications from recruitment consultants. On the other hand, you can join our network and become your own Consultant.

We strongly encourage you to declare your interest in a job by clicking on the asterisk on each advertisement. This way, you will have access to these favourite jobs at any time from the Manage my jobs tab, and it will make it easy for you to recommend candidates for the job. You will be alerted each time there is an update. Finally, the client will be informed that an additional consultant is working on his recruitment project.

Some jobs benefit from Special Offers. These allow Consultants to receive earnings in addition to the recruitment fee. These gains are triggered when a candidate recommended by the consultant during the validity period of the offer on the job bid is interviewed. A statement of special offers is sent monthly to the consultants who participated in the special offers during the past month.