How to become recruitment consultant on Hunteed

Hunteed is for all recruitment professionals who want to work on recruitment positions without having to do sales prospecting.

What are the conditions for becoming a Hunteed recruitment consultant?

Hunteed is aimed at all recruitment professionals who want to work on recruitment jobs without having to do any sales canvassing. To work on Hunteed, you must accept the Terms of Use and the Code of Ethics for Hunteed Recruitment Consultants.

After a successful recruitment, the recruitment consultant will be asked to provide Hunteed with an invoice for their recruitment service.

This invoice must be issued by a company.

I am a freelance recruitment consultant

In order to work on Hunteed and refer qualified candidates on the platform, you must have duly registered as a business with the tax authorities.

What status should I choose to become a freelance recruitment consultant?

The freelance recruitment consultants currently registered on our digital platform mainly have three statuses:

  • Recruitment consultant with micro-entrepreneur status
  • Recruitment consultant operating through an umbrella company
  • Recruitment company registered as a single-person company (SASU, EURL, etc.)


If you wish to work on a freelance basis in addition to your salaried employment in a recruitment agency, make sure that you are not breaching your duty of loyalty to your employer.
We recommend that you get your employer's consent before registering and working on our digital platform.
Resist the temptation to use recruitment tools and services that belong to your employer to source your candidates.
We recommend that you are completely open and transparent with your managers.
You can access the code of ethics for our recruitment consultants by following this link:

I am a freelance headhunter

If you currently work as a headhunter or want to become a freelance headhunter, you can sign up on our digital platform to access a wide range of recruitment jobs without having to do any sales canvassing. Register on the platform, select suitable recruitment jobs and refer the best candidates you have met.

What form does the contract for recruitment services take?

When signing up on Hunteed, you check a box stipulating that you accept the Hunteed Terms of Use and Code of Ethics.
Similarly, companies registered on Hunteed must accept the terms of use of the digital platform.
This creates a contractual commitment between users, which does not require an additional contract, such as a standard recruitment agency contract.

What tools are used for headhunting?

As a future freelance headhunter, you are free to choose the sourcing tools you use. Social media platforms are often the main channels used to find high-quality candidates. You can also refer to free or paid CV repositories to access the profiles of candidates looking for work. You can contact the Hunteed team for advice and resources to help you create a shortlist of candidates.

I am a junior recruitment consultant

If you wish to become a recruitment consultant without any prior experience in a recruitment agency, Hunteed allows you to find recruitment jobs without having to do any sales canvassing.

Training to be a recruitment consultant

There is no specific training for recruitment consultants in France. We recommend that you stay in touch with us after registering on our digital recruitment platform. At Hunteed, there is a team responsible for guiding our community of recruitment consultants in choosing recruitment jobs and supporting them to make a success of each recruitment.

Getting to grips with the digital platform

We regularly stage webinars for our recruitment consultants to give them tips on how to use our digital platform, but also to talk about the latest HR trends. To keep informed about these webinars, we recommend that you register on our recruitment platform now. Once registered, you will receive our communications materials about the various events we organise.

I am a recruitment agency

Hunteed is an ideal solution for a recruitment agency looking to boost its business. As well as offering recruitment services to its usual clients, a recruitment agency can access Hunteed jobs and refer candidates from their network.

Getting my employees to work on Hunteed

It is, of course, possible for a recruitment agency to give its salaried consultants the option of working on Hunteed. Each employee sets up an account on Hunteed and immediately has access to a wide range of recruitment jobs for which they can refer qualified candidates who they have met.

Billing in the name of my recruitment agency

To bill for your recruitment agency’s services or the recruitments made by your recruitment consultants, you should send Hunteed an invoice for your employees’ successful recruitments once the corresponding guarantee period has elapsed. The procedure for billing for a recruitment service is available on the following page: